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MOD Records
This is a group we truly believe in.  We are currently producing their long awaited CD, Michael in Reign.  We think this CD will be met with commercial and critical acclaim. Billy White’s voice is one of the most expressive we have heard in our years of producing, and his lyrical content is enough to bring tears to our eyes...I don’t know where a man of his age found the insight and depth in his lyrics. The band has a solid foundation in the rhythm section with Jac and Richie.  As producers, we couldn’t ask for more from two players.  The guitars are crafted by Cris and David--both masterful with their intent on creating new tones and textures. 

Shun has everything we think a major label is drawn to: depth, intelligence, talent, looks, and they are very aware of what is going on in today's market place. This band is truly what being in a band is all about. A majority of the group is from the small town Portland, Tennessee, and they have been life long friends.  They have an incredible work ethic, and a healthy sense of urgency about getting their music heard. They are also extremely dedicated to each other, and mature enough to withstand the “divide and conquer” approach most young bands must face when dealing with a major label. "

Michael in Reign (1:45)  MP3 (1.6MB)  RA (20K)  ASF (56K)
Sell Them Dreams
(1:31)  MP3 (1.4MB)  RA (20K)  ASF (56K)

Shun Website

 TANTRIC, Maverick Ent.
"This hot group is comprised in part by members of the original band 'Days of the New' and have become incredibly successful in their own rite.  All By Myself is one of the demo songs we recorded for Tantric while they were still Carbon 14 which helped get them signed to Maverick Entertainment."

All By Myself
  (1:40)  MP3 (1.5MB)  RA (20K)  ASF (56K)

Official TANTRIC  Website

Maverick  TANTRIC  Website 

Dreaming In English, MOD Records
"This was our first effort as a production team...  
We saw them live and fell in love with the energy of the band."

 Where Is The Sun (1:40) MP3 (1.6MB)  RA (20K)  ASF (56K)
Incense  (2:04) MP3 (1.9MB)  RA (20K)  ASF (56K)

Dreaming In English Website

Jay A. TurnerRainmaker Music
"This CD is unique... Jay is the writer of this material.  
It is an Alternative Rock Record centered around the electric bass.   Great Textures and deep emotions"

The Bigger Picture (1:17)  MP3 (1.2MB)  RA (20K)  ASF (56K)
Celebration Day (2:22)  MP3 (12.2MB)  RA (20K)  ASF (56K)

Jay Turner's Website

MOD Productions Demo
"Perhaps one of the most innovative bands we have worked with."

Slippin  (1:12)  MP3 (1.1MB)  RA (20K)  ASF (56K)

Chelan, MOD Productions Demo
"A talented young singer from the Northwest.  Chelan 
writes stirring lyrics, and delivers them with an expressive voice."

These Treasures  (1:17)  MP3 (2.6MB)  RA (20K)  ASF (56K)
Holding On  (1:23)  MP3 (1.3MB)  RA (20K)  ASF (56K)

's Website

Heidi Spencer, MOD Productions  Demo
     "An extremely gifted and emotional songwriter from Milwaukee.  
We heard her voice and had to work with her."

In the Basement  (1:27) MP3 (1.4MB)  RA (20K)  ASF (56K)
Synchronistic Overkill (1:37)  MP3 (1.5MB)  RA (20K)  ASF (56K)

Laurie Webb, Curb Music
 "We provided these demos for Curb Music...  
Laurie has an amazing and expressive voice."

Steady and True  (1:33)  MP3 (1.5MB)  RA (20K)  ASF (56K)
Time Does Not Stand Still (1:34)  MP3 (1.5MB)  RA (20K)  ASF (56K)

Rooster, MOD Records
"An Alternative-Country quartet from Detroit.
John Kotts voice is amazing."

400 Miles  (1:03)  MP3 (1.0MB)  RA (20K)  ASF (56K)

Miguel Salas, BANG II Records
"A pioneer in Hispanic-Americana music...
A little Los Lobos mixed with Johnny Cash."

I Believe  (0:58)  MP3 (921K)  RA (20K)  ASF (56K)

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